Dante Bishop
Dante Bishop
Born Unknown
Status Alive
Age 35
Gender Male
Birthplace {{{birthplace}}}
Occupation Anti-Purger
Family Unknown
Killed By N/A
Appearance The Purge
The Purge: Anarchy
The Purge: Election Year
Played by Edwin Hodge
 Dante Bishopis the main protagonist of all three Purge movies. He is portrayed by Edwin Hodge.


The PurgeEdit

In the first film, Dante is a homeless man who takes Refuge in the Sandin house during the Purge

The Purge: AnarchyEdit

In the second film, Dante is part of an Anti-Purge resistance league led by Carmello. He is seen towards the end where the anti-purgers break into the personal Purge hunting ground and gives one of the main characters a gun.

The Purge: Election YearEdit

Dante saves the characters yet again, but causes one of them to get shot.

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