The Purge: Election Year is a 2016 American horror film written and directed by James DeMonaco and starring Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Mykelti Williamson. It is the third installment in The Purge franchise.


A young Charlie Roan and her family are tied up by a masked purger. He taunts them with his "purge playlist", and then tells them they will play a final purge game called "Mommy's Choice." He then proceeds to kill the rest of Charlie's family and leaves her as the only survivor. Eighteen years later, Roan is a U.S. Senator campaigning for the U.S. Presidency, promising to end the annual purge nights. Former police sergeant Leo Barnes is now head of security for Roan. The New Founding Fathers of America's (NFFA) leader, Caleb Warrens and their candidate, Minister Edwidge Owens, view Roan as a threat; in the guise of regaining the public's trust, they revoke immunity for government officials to kill her on Purge night.

Watching the presidential debate are deli owner Joe Dixon, his assistant Marcos, and EMT Laney Rucker. A pair of teenage girls enters the store and shoplifts, only to be cornered by Joe. The girls mock Joe until Laney intervenes; recognizing her as a famous ex-Purger, they leave peacefully. Joe receives a phone call stating the cost of his purge insurance has increased beyond his affordability. Joe decides to guard his store himself, despite Marcos and Laney's pleas not to. At the same time, the country's so-called "Murder tourism" booms the economy due to tourists visiting the United States to participate in the annual Purge nights.

On the night of the purge, Joe guards his store and is joined by Marcos, and together they manage to repel an attack by the teenage girls. Laney and her partner Dawn patrol the city in an ambulance, providing medical care to the wounded. Roan decides to wait out the purge from her home rather than a secure location to secure the vote, and is accompanied by Barnes, Chief Couper, Eric, and additional security forces. However, a betrayal by Chief Couper and Eric allows a neo-Nazi paramilitary force led by Earl Danzinger to kill the security detail and invade the house. Barnes escorts Roan to safety, but is wounded in the process. He detonates a bomb in the house, killing Eric and Chief Couper.

Navigating the hostile streets of Washington D.C., Barnes and Roan attempt to seek shelter, but are ambushed by a gang of Purgers and taken captive. Before they can be executed, Joe and Marcos kill the gang, having seen the pair's plight from the store's rooftop. As they take shelter in the store, the teenage girls return with reinforcements. However, Laney runs over their leader and kills half the group. As the other Purgers threaten to break in, they leave for a safer hideout. The team is ambushed by Danzinger in a helicopter, and seeks refuge beneath an overpass wherein Barnes realizes they were tracked by the bullet lodged inside him, and manages to extract it. After a confrontation with a large number of Crips, the team helps their leader's injured comrade. In return, the Crips plant the bullet in another area to divert the paramilitary team, which they later eliminate.

The team arrives at an underground antipurge hideout run by Dante Bishop. Barnes discovers that Bishop's group intends to assassinate the NFFA, in an effort to end the purge. A large group of paramilitary forces arrives at the hideout looking for Bishop. Barnes and Roan escape back to the streets and meet Joe, Marcos, and Laney, who had left the hideout earlier to return to Joe's store. They board an ambulance.

While fleeing the city, the ambulance is hit by Danzinger's team. Roan is pulled from the van by the soldiers before Barnes can assist. Barnes leads the group and Bishop's team to a fortified cathedral where the NFFA plans to sacrifice her. Before Roan can be killed by the NFFA, the group arrives and assassinates Warrens, causing a shootout that kills the entire congregation except Owens and another NFFA loyalist, Harmon James, who escape. Owens is caught by Bishop's group, but Roan manages to persuade them to spare him. The remaining paramilitary forces arrive, killing Bishop and his team. Danzinger and Barnes engage in a melee which ends with the former's death. As Roan and the team free the imprisoned purge victims, James emerges and kills a released prisoner. Joe shoots him, but is fatally wounded. Before dying, Joe asks Marcos to take care of his store.

Two months later, Roan wins the election in a landslide, while Barnes is appointed the new Director of the Secret Service. Marcos and Laney renovate Joe's store and continue to run it in his memory. A news report then states that NFFA supporters have staged violent uprisings across the country in response to election results.


Main CastEdit

  • Frank Grillo as Leo Barnes
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Senator Charlie Roan
    • Christy Coco as Young Charlie Roan
  • Mykelti Williamson as Joe Dixon
  • Joseph Julian Soria as Marcos Dali
  • Betty Gabriel as Laney Rucker
  • Terry Serpico as Earl Danzinger

Supporting CastEdit

  • Raymond J. Barry as Caleb Warrens
  • Edwin Hodge as Dante Bishop
  • Kyle Secor as Minister Edwidge Owens
  • Brittany Mirabilé as Kimmy
  • Juani Feliz as Kimmy's friend
  • Kimberly Howe as Kimmy's friend
  • Ethan Phillips as Chief Couper
  • Cindy Robinson as Purge Announcement Voice
  • Liza Colón-Zayas as Dawn
  • David Aaron Baker as NFFA Press Secretary Tommy Roseland
  • Christopher James Baker as Harmon James
  • Roman Blat as Uncle Sam
  • Jamal Peters as Gang Leader with Dying Friend
  • J. Jewels as Political Debater
  • Matt Walton as Reporter #1